Xrdp creates a strange directory called thinclient_drives

In Ubuntu 18.04, Bionic Beaver, if you are using xrdp for remote access, you may notice a directory called "thinclient_drives" appearing in your home directory. In the permissions it may show a bunch of question marks, which looks scary.

There seems to be a bug in xrdp code which attempts to share drives, clipboard and other things. It is creating this directory and not mounting it correctly. Here is how to get rid of it.

Edit /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini. Update the allow_channels setting to say allow_channels=false.

After saving the change, remove the spurious thinclient_drives directory. If the system will not allow you to remove it, first unmount it with
sudo umount $HOME/thinclient_drives

You will not be able to use shared drives, clipboard, and so on, but those do not seem to be working anyway.


  1. Try this https://github.com/neutrinolabs/xrdp/issues/218

  2. Thanks! Works like a charm!

  3. Thanks, that seems to have fixed my problem.

  4. Bump - fixed my problem where file explorer would not open over XRDP from Win10 ("Transport endpoint is not connected" error) mucho gracias

  5. если так, то allow_channels = false, копирование файлов между серверами не работает

  6. Awesome. Works perfectly. Thank you :)